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Originally from the Atlanta Metropolitan area, as an undergraduate, I studied Mathematics Education at The University of Georgia.  After graduating with my Bachelors degree, I joined the Teach For America corps and taught high school mathematics in Houston, TX, then subsequently taught middle school at one of the KIPP public charter schools in Atlanta, GA.  

Now I'm a computer scientist and an artificial intelligence researcher.  And I love it.

What else can I say about myself?  Well, admittedly I spend a lot of my time thinking about how to get social robots to learn and engage people by asking good questions.  I would actually love for them to ask interesting questions, but I haven't yet figured out exactly what that means.  Outside of my academic pursuits... I love spending time with my cat Isaac.  I am fascinated with all creative and artistic things that transform emotion or evoke contemplation. I love going to coffee shops.  I am very interested in philosophical ideas.  I am taken with demystifying and understanding human nature.  And. I love nature, fiction, rain, and traveling and learning about new cultures.